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I will never take my car anywhere else. Honest 1 auto was transparent sending me photos of the parts needing replacements and were timely. Some of the nicest people I've met! Thanks for the break job on the optima!


I haven't used a tow truck since the cost went over $65. I was very pleased to be offered a tow as my guy is apparently out of the business. I had no choice but to surprise Honest-1 with a towed in vehicle in the middle of a busy schedule. My car was worked on first thing the next morning and fully repaired and ready to pick up by lunch time. I haven't replaced a starter since they were $120 new plus installation. Naturally, costs have risen, I'll have to adjust to it. Very, very grateful for the sense of urgency in getting me back on the road and the bag of cookies didn't hurt either. Thank You!!


Check engine light came on Sunday night. Had no choice but to leave it in Honest-1's parking lot. Even though it was a surprise to their schedule they repaired the problem the same afternoon. It's almost like the old Earl Scheib by 9 out by 5. We really appreciate their sense of urgency to get work completed correctly and in a timely manner!


Hidden gem. Did the job quickly, honestly, and without upsetting me on services I didn't need.


They have a detailed inspection that explains any and all concerns. It is organized by urgency of repair. I appreciate being able to make informed decisions with the detailed emails with photos I received.


They are very knowledgeable and the customer service, price and total experience was top notch! Work was performed on my daughters vehicle and they treated it like they would for their own children. If your in the area I would highly suggest to visit them for your automotive needs.


Bad experience


Appreciate that here they look at everything on your car besides just the oil.Very polite.Plus cookies when get in your car ,sweet surprise. Will always come here...


Not impressed by their diagnostic abilities. We took in our vehicle which was making this super obvious vibration when making a left turn (almost a rocking back-and-forth type of motion) and their mechanic could not replicate the issue. However, this problem is super obvious to my wife and I. Not sure how they could not replicate the issue. We did pay for a full vehicle inspection and they did find a ton of other issues with the vehicle which we did not bring in the vehicle for. Another thing that was a little weird, was that when I called in to get an update I was told that they will call me back (they didn't call back, I had to call in again to get a status update) as they are "putting my estimate together". Why is there an estimate, shouldn't it be just "total"? I just went in for a simple oil change and to fix that left turn issue (which was not fixed). To me this sounds like they wanted to stick me with other services that I did not need or ask for. We will be taking our vehicles to more competent mechanics that can properly diagnoses the problem and most importantly fix it. I wish I could go back to my old mechanic, they were a no-nonsense knowledgeable group of people with upfront pricing and their customer level was truly amazing. We recently move to the area and will keep on looking for a no-nonsense, reliable and knowledgeable mechanic. I would have rate them two stars, but they left a bag of cookies in the vehicle as a thank you and who doesn't like cookies? Just for that I will give them an extra star. Good one!

Jose, we apologize for not suggesting that you take a test drive with one of our techs. We assure you that the techs who test drove the vehicle could not find any issues with any of the steering or suspension components that would cause a thumping noise or the vibration. The $42 charge for diagnostics covered the time the techs spent addressing your concern. Our 30 point inspection is free and included with any service. We aim to provide an excellent customer experience, sorry we missed the mark with you. Melanie and Joe Koehnen, Owners: Honest 1 South Elgin

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As a woman who knows nothing about cars I feel very comfortable here. They take the time to explained to me what's wrong with my car and don't try to upsell me on items I don't need.

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